Is Your Conference Room Ready for Employees to Return to the Office?

Upgrading the Tools and Spaces Where Business is Done Improves Productivity and Profitability

The nature of work has changed; while many individuals make their way back into the office, the hybrid model is here to stay.  Communication is the engine that generates new ideas, resolves issues, and keeps your products and services moving into clients’ hands.

In order to facilitate growth and innovation, your conference room system should furnish tools and spaces that provide effective communication, whether connecting two people or teams from around the globe. Now is the best time to create the perfect workflow, upgrade existing rooms, or retrofit a newly acquired office. At King Systems, we pride ourselves in offering affordable and reliable solutions that stand the test of time, meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of creating a more dynamic environment in your Denver, CO offices or across the nation?  Continue reading below to learn more.

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Improve Visibility

A recent business magazine survey revealed that a common conference room complaint is that videos and images are difficult to see from the back in larger rooms. While installing a bigger screen may help, it is not always the right solution. Depending on details like ambient light and the type of information conveyed, a 4K ultra-high-definition monitor or projector may be needed.

Controlling the environment also goes a long way in improving visibility, creating the right mix of lighting and temperature, and minimizing distractions increases focus, attentiveness, and retention of details. Automation controls and room scheduling allow you to automatically close motorized shades and dim fixtures without fussing over keypads or touchscreens.

High-Quality Audio

The crafting of ideas works best with a direct dialogue, bouncing ideas on each other’s concepts, and generating a better product than you started with. If the parties in another office or remote workspace cannot hear clearly, the results are delays, confusion, and frustrations.

A quality audio system ensures that everyone in the room can hear and be heard, from the strongest voices to those who speak more softly. Microphone arrays designed to follow a speaker sense where conversions are coming from and put the focus on the right person, switching seamlessly as needed. Complete coverage from ceiling speakers and acoustic paneling makes every seat the perfect spot to hear.

Collaboration – From Start to Finish

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