Conference Room AV Makes Collaboration Easier & More Efficient

Employees Become More Productive with the Right Tools at Hand 

A workforce is only as efficient as its weakest piece of AV equipment. Outdated technologies cause staff to be ineffective and frustrated in their daily work, whether it’s due to slow network speeds or cords and dongles that don’t connect with new equipment.  

The modern office has changed dramatically over the last year, and it’s time for business managers like yourself to reassess your current conference room AV setup. Are you supporting or hindering the tasks your employees are trying to complete? Whether you’re in Denver, CO, or across the globe, keep scrolling below to learn how addressing your office technology can inevitably lead to improved worker performance and a greater return on your company expenditures. 

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Crestron Zoom Rooms 

Many managers have seen staff morale and productivity improve with the move to remote work environments over the last 12 months. Keeping staff connected – no matter if they are working in their home office or from the company boardroom – is imperative in the modern workplace. To do this, you can incorporate updated video conferencing tools, such as high-resolution web cameras and high-performance audio, to create a Crestron Zoom Room.  

With Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing, your meeting spaces can close the distance between your hybrid workforcesFor small spaces, the Flex B-Series soundbars with built-in cameras give exceptional audio and image quality with a single USB connection, while the C-Series is a turnkey solution that’s customizable for spaces of any size. With both series, your office gains the ability to stay connected across the world with highperformance AV, and there are optional smart room controls as well. Motion sensors and smart lighting can help managers save on building energy costs, while automated roller shades can lower to reduce glare during important presentations. A Crestron Zoom Room with Flex software is perfect for your boardroom, conference center, huddle spaces, and private offices! 

Conference Room Scheduling 

There’s no need to peep into door windows to see if a room is being utilized any longer, which seems like a small detail, but the time wasted doing this adds up. How many times have you had a great idea pop into your head but needed to set aside some time with a coworker to hash out the details? Stop wasting time and creative juices by making the conference room booking process simpler.  

Give everyone in the office the ability to see if a room is booked and also schedule meetings remotely with an upgraded conference room AV system that includes room scheduling software. Making the most of your building spaces helps your entire staff save time and energy, which keeps everyone on the same page. 

To discover more about what you can bring to your conference rooms in Denver or beyond, connect with our AV experts here or chat with us at the bottom of your screen! We look forward to hearing from you.