Improve Productivity & Brand Appeal with Commercial Audio-Video

Learn About the Seemingly Endless Audio-Video Solutions for Your Business

As national experts in commercial audio-video systems, King Systems specializes in utilizing the latest technology to create unique AV approaches for businesses. From video conferencing to integrated video walls, presentation technology, and distributed audio-video solutions, we come up with solutions that meet the needs of corporate offices, auditoriums, schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurants.

Today, we’ll address some common AV solutions that can set your business apart or help your organization run more smoothly, whether you’re in Denver, CO, or across the nation.

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Conference Room Audio-Video

The latest audio and video solutions offer high-performance 4K video displays, microphones, cameras, and speakers that increase collaboration and present an impressive display and unified front to potential clients. Companies use these systems in boardrooms, conference areas, and small collaboration rooms.

Interactive whiteboards allow for clear communication and engagement, and multimedia presentations offer more effective workplace meetings. Today, a collaborative environment is more important than ever, and maintaining it in a hybrid or remote workforce can prove challenging. Solutions that create a sense of intimacy despite physical distance can go a long way in promoting an engaging and healthy work environment.

Digital Signage Displays

Digital signage in certain areas of your business features vital information to visitors and helps them navigate your space. It also relays important information regarding policies and upcoming events to staff members. Whatever message is conveyed, these high-definition screens display your brand’s image front and center.

In today’s quick-changing corporate landscape and business environment, utilizing digital signage that can be changed at a moment’s notice keeps communications up-to-date and relevant while demonstrating your company’s commitment to the latest technology solutions.

Video Wall

Consider a video wall – a much larger version of a digital sign. It consists of multiple video displays joined and tiled together to create a single, large display limited only by the size of a wall in a room. The screens work together seamlessly and offer an impressive visual display. Video walls effectively capture attention and are perfect for lobbies, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and many other commercial spaces.

Distributed Audio Systems

Create a productive atmosphere for the staff or a relaxing setting for your clients with a high-quality audio system. It can instantly change the sound and feel of a space. These systems deliver audio throughout your organization. The equipment is stored in a cabinet or closet, leaving your space clutter-free. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers blend in seamlessly with any décor and provide high-resolution audio.

When these systems are integrated with automation, your staff enjoys unprecedented ease of use. With one touch on a touchscreen or tablet, they can change the audio and video in one room or every building. If used in conference rooms, one tap can prepare the room for a virtual meeting, dimming the lights, turning off the music, and lowering the shades.

At King Systems, we’ve provided customized audio-video systems for our clients across the nation for over 16 years. We design, install, and ensure high-performance systems unique to each company’s demands, retaining long-term relationships that enable us to upgrade and enhance systems as technology advances. To learn more about the latest audio-video solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.