With King Systems, amazing convenience and simplicity can be a reality. Pull into the driveway after a long day, and your house recognizes you’ve arrived, turns on the lights, and plays your music.

One touch at night puts the lights in your “Sleep” mode, sets the alarm and turns the fountain lights off. It’s that easy. We are ready to use modern technology to provide automatic systems that enhance your comfort and pleasure.

King System automated homes offer Total Home Control

Control your living space

Manage home theater

Set temperature by time of day

Adjust lighting levels

Control Shades

Match audio equalization to selected music

Introducing the simplest way to control your home; your voice

We’ve all been there—walking through the door—arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your house to offer a helping hand? A simple voice command— “Alexa, turn on Welcome”—lights up the hallway, fires up your favorite Pandora station, while locking the door behind you.

Alexa works with multiple devices to provide voice control for your entire home. Raise the shades while you’re getting ready for work or adjust the temperature from bed—with just a few words.

Take it a step further with smart home scenes. “Dining” dims the chandelier to 60% and turns on the tunes. “Bedtime” shuts off every light in the house, locks the doors, and arms the alarm.

This is Control4 Home Automation with Amazon Alexa.

Planning for the Future

Planning on building a home? Even if you are years away, call us now. We work with some of the countries’ finest architects and custom-home builders to design the cabling infrastructure that will support technology today and in the future.