Control4 delivers power and performance for your home no matter the size or age. A single platform coordinates the technology in your house into brilliant experiences—that fit your family’s lifestyle and are easy to enjoy.

With support for nearly 10,000 devices, only Control4 can create immersive, whole-home experiences, personalized to exactly how you live. When the devices and systems you use regularly work in unison—such as smart locks, lights, entertainment, security devices, garage doors, and more.

It’s a smarter living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Expand the power of your voice with Alexa & Control4

You walk into your home with your hands full. “Alexa, turn on Welcome”-Lights turn on, your favorite playlist plays, and the door locks itself behind you. Alexa paired with Control4 gives you ultimate voice control of your smart home.

“Alexa, dim lights”

“Alexa, turn on TV”

“Alexa, play movie”

“Alexa, set temperature to 72”

“Alexa, turn off exterior lights”

“Alexa, draw shades”

Supporting nearly 10,000 consumer devices only Control4 paired with Alexa can create an immersive, whole-home experience. This whole-home experience and Control4’s ability for personalization gives you single voice commands that can set the entire home to the task or mood.

“Alexa, turn on Welcome”

Lights turn on
Music plays
Door locks behind you

“Alexa, bedtime”

Room lights shut off
Hallway lights turn on
Locks doors
Arms alarm
Turns on outdoor lights

"Alexa, dining”

Chandelier dims to 60%
Music plays
TV shuts off

The ultimate smart home at the sound of your voice can only be achieved with Control4 & Alexa.

Choose how you want to control your home

Control4 has many interfaces that allow you to interact with your home however you choose. Each method of control is designed for simple and easy access to the features you use most.

  • Alexa Voice Control
  • Handheld remote
  • Touch screen
  • Keypad
  • Mobile App

The Control4 Mobile App with a 4Sight subscription provides secure access to your home while you’re away. You can monitor cameras, lock the doors, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, and turn off the lights from virtually anywhere in the world using your iOS or Android mobile device.

Custom built to fit your lifestyle.

A Control4 automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. You can automate a single room or design your automated dream home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home.

Safety & Security

Intelligent security puts peace of mind at your fingertips so you can rest assured that all is safe.


It’s simple, clean and clutter-free entertainment—right at your fingertips.


A robust, high-performing home network is critical to your smart home.