Elevate the Way Your Company Works with Cisco Networking Integration

Discover How You Can Improve Connectivity, Security, and Productivity in a Hybrid Working World

Adapting to the new normal of work environments can be challenging on many levels. In order to excel in these times, you need a data infrastructure that is flexible and robust.

The certified experts at King Systems combine our intimate knowledge of commercial spaces and the power of Cisco networking integration. The result is an IT-friendly platform that enhances any workflow and improves productivity.

Are you looking for a better way to manage the connectivity needs of your company in Denver, CO, or nationwide? Continue reading below to learn about our premier solutions.

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The Backbone of the Modern World

When technology folks speak of equipment that is ‘enterprise-class,’ Cisco products are the ones all others are benchmarked against. The company’s innovations and technology made it the prime choice of high tech firms’ critical operations, earning it the moniker of the internet’s backbone.

The routers and switches run the most reliable video conferencing systems across the globe, furnishing Fortune 50 and small start-ups with high-bandwidth capabilities. Broadcast in 4K with high-definition audio and supporting media without the worry of glitches, lag, or lost connections.

Security That Reigns Supreme

Hybrid work means that your remote staff connects from locations your IT department has very little control over. Whether it is a Zoom call from their apartment complex or sending sensitive documents from a table at the local coffee shop, the potential dangers are numerous and very real.

Cisco uses a multiple-layer process to protect your interests with granular identity verification, comprehensive encrypted traffic analysis, and priority examination of cyber and email threats. You can rest assured that world-class security stops the damage before it begins, regardless of the device, from smart building IoT to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) units.

Proactive Management

While a hybrid model creates a more dynamic and creative workforce, it puts more responsibility on your IT staff. With devices distributed around the world, ensuring access, server privileges, and assured performance can quickly become overwhelming.

Cisco’s DNA software and application portal provide AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation, and centralized management of your network. Automate bandwidth optimization, receive notifications of potential issues, and track and analyze traffic and overall system health with a few button clicks.

Complete Solutions for Your Business

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