3 Benefits of Implementing Room Scheduling In Your Company

Meeting Room Booking Software And Devices Lessen Wasted Time And Keeps Teams Productive. 

Whether you work for a fortune 500 corporation, investment firm, or cultural institution, there is one universal frustration for them all: the conflict and inefficiencies concerning meeting room availability. It is estimated that the confusion caused by improper management of conference room resources wastes about 37 billion dollars in productivity and product delays. 

You have only a limited number of rooms, and effective management is a critical component in keeping morale high and employees moving forward. Implementing a professionally designed and integrated room scheduling system makes your teams more productive and generates more significant ROI on equipment investment. 

Are you curious about the benefits and possibilities of working with the experts at King Systems? Continue reading to learn three reasons you should add this feature. 

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1. Increase Room Use Efficiency, Near or Far

The goal of any meeting is to come out with plans that grow a company’s bottom line with new products, services, or methods of doing business. As such, you need to maximize your return on investment by keeping the rooms in constant use. Room scheduling systems allow you to track every space and hardware resource in real-time. 

One of the most common causes of room scarcity is the tendency of single employees to book an entire room in order to work alone. Facility managers can quickly identify these situations, making hot desks available and enabling larger groups to meet in person. 

2. Improve Resource Visibility 

Our booking systems allow employees, team managers, and IT staff to book spaces and have the information appear instantly on a universal calendar. Now, you can ensure meetings involving global offices have the right room and tools to collaborate despite the distance and time differences.  

All too often, a department books a room and then moves the meeting to an offsite location, forgetting to cancel or move the original dates. Using room occupancy sensors and activity detection software, the system automatically frees up a room if no one checks in after a set time. 

3. Save Money And Time 

Meetings are an indispensable component of every business, yet when gaining access to rooms is complicated, people resort to email or attempting to gather folks from desktop tools. This misallocation of time means fewer hours of actual work and more confusion for your staff. 

Instead of making team leaders jump through hoops, you can guarantee time and proper tools, allowing them to make decisions more readily while leaving more time for sales calls, vendor confirmations, and product rollouts. 

Helping Businesses Grow

At King Systems, we are dedicated to helping your business grow with conferencing tools and automation systems that increase efficiency and foster clear communication. Are you ready to get a handle on your huddle room availability? Call us at 303-410-0924, or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!