Communicate Effectively with Crestron Zoom Room Solutions

Whether Members of Your Team Meet In Person Or Virtually, You Need The Right Tools To Be Seen And Heard.

Businesses in the Denver, CO area continue to grow even in unprecedented times. A vital component to this success is the ability to bring together your team members regardless of whether they work remotely or are located halfway across the globe.

A survey of Fortune 500 companies shows that they expect the current structure of the hybrid work model to extend into Q2 or Q3 of 2022. While we may sometimes be physically separated, the need to solve problems face-to-face is relevant now more than ever.

The Crestron Zoom Room system line provides the presentation tools, video, and audio clarity you need to communicate effectively. Are you eager to make more of your meetings? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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Crestron Means Business

Crestron Electronics is renowned for its leadership and innovation, literally creating an industry with its founding in 1971. Since the beginning, the company has provided products and systems that increase productivity and communication. Crestron offered some of the earliest component switchers to the current paradigm-shifting first-of-its-kind Digital Media network distributing high-definition audio, video, and control of standard category cables.

Zoom Meetings with Flexibility

Today the Crestron Flex system furnishes you with a compact design that combines professional presentation tools with stunning audio and video components. The display mounted, or table-top units enhance the sound of every person speaking. Utilizing the built-in specialized microphone array provides crystal-clear sound while removing distractions like background noise.

The system is scalable, allowing it to grow as your company expands its reach, working in private spaces, the home office, or in high-powered executive board rooms. The unique modular design means there are no messy wires to wrangle. Presentation materials are shared through a wireless connection and distributed via the platform’s private and secure connection.

Even when you cannot be in the same room, the 4K cameras and displays capture every non-verbal cue and nuanced expression. The conference room is decked out in everything you need to start your next Zoom meeting or join one in mere seconds. In addition, you do not need everyone to be on Zoom; freely add clients, vendors, and contractors using Teams and other popular internet meeting tools.

Make More of Your Meetings

Businesses are growing again, and the need for better ways to connect has never been more important. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Call us at 303-410-0924 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.