Bring Your Team Together with Enterprise-Grade Video Conference Equipment

Successful Video Conferencing Solutions Increase Collaboration and Productivity

What was once thought of as a temporary solution for our stay-at-home world has transformed how we do business. Companies realized that productivity and collaboration were not lost but enhanced in a work-from-home or hybrid model. Workers found that they enjoyed working from home a few days a week and that they could still meet with clients and connect with their fellow employees.

This thriving workforce model is possible because of the video conference equipment that continues to advance, providing our workspaces with the audio and video that enable us to feel like we’re in the same room.

Let’s explore the latest equipment and how it’s changing companies in Denver, CO, and the nation.

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Being Present

One of the essential features of successful video conferencing is creating a space where everyone feels like they’re in the same room. They see each other clearly and keep the conversation flowing, hearing their fellow workers without audio delay or repetition.

To achieve this type of environment, businesses need the correct equipment. At King Systems, we partner with best-in-class brands leading the industry with cutting-edge technology. One of these brands is Poly.


Enterprise Video Conferencing Equipment

Better collaboration depends on a professional video conferencing experience, whether in a boardroom with corporate officers or in a huddle space with colleagues. Poly offers the best equipment for every type of business, from local startups to global corporations.

Their video conference systems deliver full-motion HD video and high-quality audio and can connect to standard video conferencing systems found around the world. Hands-free smart cameras automatically track the speaker and frame the group.

Poly’s NoiseBlockAI is a subtle yet powerful noise cancelation device. It mutes your mic to prevent distracting sounds when you’re not speaking. Their Acoustic Fence creates a virtual perimeter, canceling all soundwaves except your voice. The outcome is incredible audio with no background noise.


Simple Connections

Poly’s RealConnect service allows users to connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting through the Microsoft Outlook calendar workflow. We all know that technology can transform our experiences, but if it’s not easy to use, it translates to frustration, the opposite of our intent.

With RealConnect, anyone can quickly join the meeting from Microsoft Teams or Skype and other videoconferencing systems. They’ll all experience the same full HD video and audio and will be able to share their screens for the ultimate in collaboration.


Giving Hybrid Workers the Tools to Succeed

When some of your best employees are working from home, you want to give them the tools that enable them to look and sound professional. Poly’s personal professional-grade solutions offer broadcast-quality video with incredibly clear audio.

High-performance cameras compensate for inadequate lighting, and premier audio lets them sound their best. At your end, you achieve visibility across your organization, seeing how devices are being used and giving your IT department control over voice, video, and headset devices.


Are you ready to take your video conference solutions to the next level? At King Systems, we design state-of-the-art electronic systems in corporate spaces across the nation. To learn more about audio and video conferencing or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.