Grow Your Business with Meeting Room Scheduling Systems

Maximize Productivity by Better Management of Resources

Despite the many derisive jokes about meetings, these sessions are the lifeblood of any company. Gathering your team to collaborate generates new perspectives, fuels creative thinking, and sets the stage for continued growth.

An expertly designed boardroom AV system provides numerous advantages that help you communicate ideas with more presence and impact. These spaces can be full meeting rooms or more personal huddle spaces, utilizing technology that ensures you can be seen and heard clearly.

These rooms are a limited resource; managing them effectively enables you to maximize productivity while generating a high ROI on your investment. Integrating meeting room scheduling tools prevents confusion and conflict, allowing your business to run smoothly.

Are you ready to make more of your office space and remarkable talent base in Denver, CO, and across the country? Continue reading below to learn how.

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Right Space, Right Time

While the nature of work has dramatically changed over the last few years, the need to bring people together is still essential. With flex-time and hybrid teams on the rise, keeping track of who needs what at any moment can be overwhelming.

Not all meetings require the same resources, space, or equipment. Matching the needs of individuals or a group with the right room is essential to make any gathering productive. Sometimes you need a large conference room with advanced collaboration tools, and other times you may need a more intimate and private setting.

Room management does not require a dedicated administrator. Employees simply book time and space via a calendar platform, productivity suites, mobile app, or from the touch screen interface mounted just outside. When needed, the office manager can review usage records and be alerted to time overages or reports of equipment requiring service.


Save Energy, Reduce Costs

Conferencing equipment and rooms draw a good deal of power, from computers, interfaces, and projectors to the lights and HVAC. You can reduce costs and lower carbon footprints by automatically putting systems into sleep mode, dimming lights, and resetting thermostats once occupancy sensors indicate the space is empty.

Leading business workflow studies show that, on average, 40% of employees spend 30-40 minutes a day looking for appropriate meeting spaces. As most people attend three meetings a day, without room booking technology, your staff is spending two hours a day being unproductive.


Streamline and Simplify

Room scheduling tools offer numerous benefits for any business. At King Systems, we are dedicated to ensuring companies work at their best. Are you ready to make meetings more productive? Call us at 303-410-0924 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.