Remote Control Programming

Lost your remote control’s manual? Can’t figure out how to change the settings on your universal remote control? You’ve come to the right place. As a local home system installer, King Systems is committed to helping clients like you maximize the entertainment experience.

Simplifying Your Home Entertainment

With our remote control programming service, we’ll consolidate your existing remotes into an efficient universal remote. Then, we’ll configure your universal remote to enable your devices to work together seamlessly. By the time we’re done, you’ll have an entertainment setup that makes watching your favorite movies or shows as easy and convenient as can be. And because we value customers like you, we go out of our way to keep our rates reasonable and affordable.

ONE Remote Control

FINALLY! No more coffee table clutter. Nor more multi-page diagrams and instructions to family and friends explaining how to watch the evening news on your TV. King Systems can make this a reality. Centrally control every light, shade, audio/video source, and display device on a single platform. King Systems has a solution to fit any budget.

iPhone Automation

iphone-automation-200Why bother with 10 different remote controls for your home when your phone can do it all? You can monitor your heating and cooling, control your lights, set your security system and control your theater with the device that you already carry around with you all the time. Can you remember the last time you accidentally left the light on and you left the house? This is not a problem anymore because if you have cell service, you can control your home. This is one of those things that you must see to believe. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone we can work our magic! If not, then this is certainly a reason to upgrade. It’s incredible!