How Can Video Walls Benefit Your Company?

In a world where billions of businesses compete for a share of consumer attention, delivering your message effectively is more challenging than ever. It requires cutting through the noise, which traditional signage often fails at.

As old marketing methods are losing their appeal, effectiveness, and impact, it’s time for businesses to switch to digital signage with video walls in Denver, CO, and across the globe. Read on to learn some of the most compelling reasons why.

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They Make a Stronger Impact

Video walls allow you to display content and communicate your messages in more ways than one. This, combined with their gigantic sizes, make them hard to miss. Digital signage is more attention-grabbing, capturing as much as 400%  more views than traditional static displays. 

But that’s not all. Messages displayed through video walls have been found to have much higher recall rates as well. Research studies reveal that the information shared through digital signage has roughly an 83% higher recall rate than its traditional, static counterparts. This higher likelihood of remembering your brand and message significantly increases the chances of your audience responding to the CTA.

They Allow Instant Changes and Upgrades

Resolving a major problem with traditional marketing displays, video walls allow changes within the advertisements without extensive costs or planning, catering to a business’ immediate needs in a much better way. The ability to edit advertisements on the fly slashes the time and money spent compared to traditional signage.

Whether your limited-time promotion just ended, you’re launching a new product or offer, or an advertisement doesn’t yield the expected response, you can change the message almost instantly with a video wall. You can also continue to improve and customize your content based on the audience’s response without taking it down.

Save your time and money by switching your traditional billboards with video walls.

They Are Also Great for Internal Communications

Corporate workplaces have a ton of information and data to share with their employees, but the tools many of them use aren’t the most effective. Some do not deliver the messages as effectively as needed, others may be overlooked, and a few others can waste time. Video walls can make a great alternative tool for internal communications. 

From delivering company-wide messages and announcements to boardroom discussions, reviews, and analyses, to training rooms, video walls can deliver information more effectively.

Upgrade Your Business Communication and Marketing Strategies with Video Walls

Depending on how you use them, video walls can be a great tool for communication and marketing for businesses of all types and sizes. They offer several unique benefits, making them more useful and effective than traditional static signage tools, and are worth the investment.

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