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King Systems Offers Customized Commercial Audio-Visual Solutions

Strong communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. It’s the critical element in the art of persuasion, inspiration, engagement, and decision-making. As Peter Drucker, the well-known management consultant, educator, and author, observed, “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” 

However, this ability to read between the lines is challenging with our current remote workforce and virtual meetings with clients. 

To hear what isn’t being said requires careful attention to the details. It’s the unspoken feelings apparent in someone’s posture, expression, movement, and tone of voice. Catching these subtle clues during video conferencing requires the latest technology, offering crystal-clear images and sound. 

That’s where King Systems comes in. As a national commercial audio-visual company with over 60 certifications, we use the latest technology to design and install video conferencing solutions that ensure clear and connected communications.

Are you ready to use the latest technology to engage with your clients and inspire your team? Whether your business is in Denver, CO, or across the nation, King Systems can help. 

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Advances in Video Conferencing 

While video conferencing has been with us for some time, the last few years saw an incredible escalation in technology. It went from being a helpful addition to a necessity, and with that demand grew the need for better and easier remote collaboration and interchange.

To accomplish this, technology had to mimic the in-person experience. If the remote client or employee were sitting in the room, how would their experience differ? How can staff pick up the all-important subtle clues when they speak with clients remotely?

The answer lies in smart technology and the displays, cameras, and microphones that have embraced this automation. 

Smart Audio-Video Technology

The latest 4K ultra-HD video displays with AI-enabled image enhancement create crystal-clear images and precise details. Now, both remote and in-person participants are fully engaged. The experience is so immersive that some employers are even using the setup for interviews. 

Another essential element for an engaging experience is 360° or 180° panoramic 4K views. These smart cameras offer auto-framing that automatically includes everyone in the room, adjusting as people enter and leave while focusing on the speaker with zoom capability.   

Today’s microphones offer AI-powered intelligence, advanced beamforming technology, and full-duplex audio. This ensures clear, natural voices no matter who is speaking or where they are located. As a result, everyone can be heard clearly and talk simultaneously, supporting the overlapping speech that occurs in face-to-face communication.  

The result is an enriching meeting experience where you and your team can read the subtle clues that would otherwise go unheard.

At King Systems, we work with corporations, educational institutions, libraries, stadiums, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, designing and installing AV technology. Our audio-visual solutions also include the latest in digital signage and video walls, as well as AV distribution. To learn more about the many options in today’s AV solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.