Is It Time to Upgrade Your Audio-Video Technology?

Today’s Commercial Audio Video Systems Provide Increased Productivity & Brand Recognition

At King Systems, we provide clients nationwide with the latest commercial audio-video solutions. One of the frequent questions we’re asked is where to begin. As AV technology continues to advance, so do the nearly limitless possibilities.

Together, we take the time to explore the best options for your unique goals and vision. We have the solutions to increase sales, enhance productivity and operations, develop a solid experience for your hybrid team, or create the optimum environment.

Let’s explore a few of the most popular commercial AV trends and how businesses in Denver, CO, and across the globe are upgrading their systems to meet the new demand. 

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Video Conferencing

Commercial audio video is recognized as mission-critical to provide the experiences people are growing to expect. Over the last few years, how we communicate with clients, colleagues, and employees has transformed. It’s hard to imagine, but according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, only 6% of employees worked primarily from home before the pandemic.  

Today, according to Zippia, 68% of Americans prefer to work remotely. Companies are experiencing top talent turning down six-figure positions because of in-office demand. 

It’s a far cry from where we were just three years ago. Because of this, the need for solutions that enable people to connect, collaborate, and share content has escalated. The answer lies in enhanced video conferencing technology, including interactive 4K displays, smart cameras with auto framing and voice tracking, high-quality sound systems with echo cancellation and noise reduction, and one-touch meeting connections. 

Communicate From Any Device Effortlessly

Products like Microsoft Teams and Zoom allow remote workers to join the conference from whatever device they have available, whether a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All participants can easily share and view content. With the touch of a button, your team can start the meeting and presentation.

Your employees no longer waste time finding the right cable or start meetings late due to challenges connecting. BYOD wireless content sharing enables everyone to share content from any device. Conference room scheduling panels allow staff to schedule each video conferencing room, ensuring their time is used wisely instead of waiting for rooms to open.

Integrated Digital Signage

Digital signage used effectively ensures employees, clients, and vendors receive timely information, eliminating the need for static signage and printing. Today’s impressive digital displays can be changed instantly and are commonly used for promotions, internal communications, enhanced customer services, and brand recognition.

On-Site Surveys 

At King Systems, we have over 20 years of experience integrating the latest AV technology nationwide. We’ll get to know your challenges, needs, and next-level requirements and explore what AV upgrades represent worthwhile investments for your specific situation. 

After a site survey, we’ll share recommendations based on your current position and where you see yourself in the future. Our systems are always customized and scalable, enabling you to enhance your audio-video technology as your business expands. To learn more about the many options in commercial audio video or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.