Extend Your Brand’s Reach with a Video Wall Installation

Engage Clients and Customers with Stunning Digital Displays

There was a time when static billboards were the go-to marketing tool for increasing brand awareness. Fortunately, those times have changed. With advancements in technology like MicroLED displays and the growing popularity of digital media, video walls have become the chosen format for engaging customers, delivering eye-catching brand statements, and testing marketing messages. 

At King Systems, we’ve watched the digital landscape transform in our 20-plus years of experience. Small digital signs have given way to exceedingly large video walls that can be seen in almost every industry, including retail, hospitality, travel, healthcare, corporate, and government. When you think about it, you’ll realize how widespread these signs have become, seeing them on roadsides, at concerts, in corporate buildings, as wayfinding screens in hospitals, and at airports.

One of the best features of these digital displays? Unlike billboards, you can change your message at a moment’s notice. 

Let’s explore the many other benefits and features these mega displays offer.

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Brilliant, Attention-Drawing Images

LED video walls generate their own brightness, delivering incredible picture quality with brilliant colors. This translates to images that pop off the screen and deliver a bold statement, creating a strong impression that isn’t easily forgotten. 

Because they emit their own light, they also resist the effects of ambient lighting, displaying clearer and crisper images even in direct sunlight. Today’s video walls can also last 100,000 hours or longer, making them a solid investment that lasts long into the future.

Direct view LED video walls have no bezels. Instead, edgeless LED tiles are linked together, creating a single large screen with a seamless look. You can arrange these screens the same way you would fabric, wrapping around corners or other attention-drawing designs. 

A video wall controller or processor drives these displays, and easy-to-use advanced software offers simple operation, giving users complete control of what they want to display and how. 

The Next-Generation Display 

While video walls engage consumers and employees due to their sheer size and brilliant images, touch screens offer next-level engagement. These interactive displays allow clients and consumers to browse or find specific areas. Not only do you capture their attention, but you leave them with a positive, memorable experience. 

Businesses use digital signage in numerous ways, including displaying social media posts, demonstrating products, promoting specials, providing information, and emergency notifications. You’ll even find them in boardrooms for striking presentation and video conferencing solutions.

Working with a Certified AV Integrator

Video walls can be designed to nearly any size and shape, offering great flexibility in brand and information presentation. These work best when designed, installed, and calibrated by an experienced AV integrator. At King Systems, we partner with industry leaders in AV technology, ensuring the right equipment for your unique needs. 

As a nationwide integrator, we stay abreast of changing technology trends relevant in your area and can help you choose the right digital displays, support devices, and software for your organization. To learn more about the latest video wall displays or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.