First Impressions Are Everything!

Add a Video Wall for a Splash of Color & Tech in Your Business

Imagine walking into a dark and uninviting foyer of a business – no signage on the wall to direct you to the appropriate office and poorly lit vestibules and waiting areas. This scene conveys a message that is quite the opposite of inviting. Now think about how your own commercial office building, library, or education facility compares.

Instead of offering a dull welcome experience to your visitors, customers, and employees, consider a video wall from the team at King Systems! Keep reading below to learn how we can help you transform your commercial space, whether it’s in Denver, CO or across the globe!

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What is a Video Wall?

Many people are aware of digital signage, but video walls take the concept a few steps further. Instead of having one high-definition screen set up to show conference scheduling, welcome visitors, or show branded messaging, a video wall’s size is limited only by your available display area! TV monitors arranged in an array can accentuate architectural features, offer immersive video experiences, and provide information for your stakeholders.

Video walls require more effort than simply mounting large screen TVs to the wall. With narrow bezels, you can achieve a nearly-seamless high-definition picture; your image won’t have distracting black frames throughout the main image. Video walls also require an installation from an AV expert like King Systems because one poorly calibrated screen can ruin the entire video wall experience. All of the monitors used in the video wall must be synchronized in brightness and contrast, too, and calibrated to achieve the perfect picture and messaging regardless of the time of day, the brightness of the sun, or other extenuating circumstances.


Video Walls Can Go Practically Anywhere

Your business needs digital signage that prioritizes stunning views and a seamless distribution of information to all your employees and visitors. Bring large videos walls tuned to news stations in meeting areas and lounge spaces, like in the image you can see at the top of this blog. From sports arenas to building lobbies and conference halls, your video walls can find a place anywhere. Game replays, welcome messages, and other important information will always reach their intended audience – easily!

No matter your industry, King Systems can bring stunning video walls to you. We work with a variety of commercial environments including, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and libraries.


To start a conversation about video walls for your business. Go ahead and give us a call at (970) 349-3425, chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here! We can’t wait to hear from you.