4 Components of a Conference Room Scheduling System

Help Staff Become Connected, Informed, and Effective with This Commercial Solution

Scheduling a meeting is one of the primary activities of any bustling office space. Meetings with clients, coworkers, the C-suite, and vendors are just a few that need to occur on a regular basis, but how does your Denver, CO office currently handle that process?

Despite the ample technological achievements of the last decade, booking meetings has unfortunately remained in the Stone Age for many workplaces. Instead of relying solely on the office receptionist or juggling multiple Outlook calendars – or worse, paper calendars – upgrade your team to a new conference room scheduling platform from Crestron. Keep reading below to learn four components every system should include!

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Room Availability Indicators

With room availability indicators placed on the outside of conference spaces, your employees will be able to find their reserved meeting space with a simple glance. Lightbars on wall-mounted touchscreens, room number availability signs, and hallway indicator bars are all methods that use a red light/green light system. A booked, in-use space will have an indicator with a red light, signaling the room is unavailable. Green lights indicate the room is available. 

The color indication comes directly from the Crestron room scheduling platform, syncing automatically so your staff can easily see where they are supposed to go for a scheduled or impromptu meeting.


A Customized Room Experience

Connecting a device to the audio/video system inside a conference room can be a daunting task if it’s not designed well. Luckily, with Crestron, there’s no need for a pile of cables to dig through. Simply look at the tabletop touchscreen or the presentation display for instructions on how to connect devices wirelessly. 

Companies can also include their logo, room availability, and meeting details on the display for a professional, well-branded aesthetic – perfect for client and vendor visits. Employees can even use the tabletop display to look weeks ahead into the room’s availability so they can get a future meeting on the books quickly. These small details will ensure employees spend time coming up with innovative ideas instead of becoming frustrated with technology.


Simple Setup

If you’re a business manager or facilities supervisor, you’re aware of how time-consuming new projects can be if the right team isn’t involved. With a Crestron platform from King Systems, your conference room upgrade is in good hands. The web-based setup requires no in-depth programming, and it’s scalable, so you can deploy and manage the system now and watch it grow as your business grows. Our team or your IT team can set up, manage, and remotely control any touchscreen in the system, plus all it takes is a single cable PoE+ installation to get started.



Using the Crestron XiO Cloud management system, managers will have an interactive dashboard with real-time usage data and analytical reports. Paired with occupancy sensors in each room, you’ll have a true understanding of meeting room usage and frequency, plus you’ll understand what types of devices are being connected to your system. This type of data will inform future strategic planning and help you intelligently make future business decisions.


Whether you have one office in Denver or several satellite offices across the globe, King Systems is the expert in conference room scheduling systems and commercial AV solutions. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen or fill out our contact form to start a conversation about your business AV and automation needs.