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Crestron Makes Streamlining Your Day a Breeze!

For a trusted brand that can have your bases covered both at home and in the office, Crestron surpasses every expectation. In their recent 2021 keynote presentation, “Innovation Fuels Us,” Crestron showcased their latest high-end technologies for both residential and commercial spaces.

As your premier Crestron dealer in the Denver, CO area and beyond, King Systems can help you create the perfect at-home lifestyle and commercial environment – or even a hybrid workforce – with Crestron solutions. Find out more by reading on below.

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Crestron Home Features

The purpose of the Crestron Home platform is to bring everything in your smart home together into one cohesive and centralized experience. Now more than ever, Crestron makes it possible to integrate smart technologies from a wide variety of brands, such as Lutron and other prominent products in the industry.

You can bridge the gap between your home automation features, your whole-home AV, your smart security, and more! New offerings include the DM-NAX-8ZSA Audio-over-IP with native streaming services for home audio distribution that’s on a brand-new level. Plus, a new touchscreen smart thermostat that’s slim and sleek.


Crestron Flex for Your Office

Video conferencing, meeting scheduling, and overall planning can be a lot to take on in the office – especially if you have many employees across the building. Streamline your communications with Crestron Flex!

Built and designed for the modern workplace, the Crestron Flex platform stands out in three distinct ways. Firstly, it can go in any room of any size due to its OS-agnostic design – regardless of whether you want it in a huddle room or large boardroom. It’s up to you! Second, it’s the only room systems platform that inherently integrates all the technology in your space; it has you completely covered. Lastly, new Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams provides employees with a dedicated enterprise phone conferencing solution for both the office and home, which then lets other smart devices work as productivity tools instead of for communications.


Hybrid Workforce

As we saw this past year, the hybrid workforce is here, and it’s more than likely here to stay. With employees working both in-office and remotely, reliable and high-performance video conferencing components for both the office and home are crucial. Making every meeting and presentation the same for everyone on either side of the screen is vital!

Luckily, the Crestron Home and Crestron Flex platforms are designed with this in mind – for now and looking ahead into the future. We’ve touched upon how the Flex platform and solutions can make their place in any room, including a home office. But Crestron aims to extend Crestron Home’s reach as well.

The Crestron Home will increase its scale and span multiple control processors – meaning larger systems can then be installed, improving overall efficiency. With streamlined communications and dependable, consistent technologies, bringing home and office together into a comprehensive system has never been easier.


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