Keep Your Building Secure & Your Employees Healthy

Remote Access Control Solutions from Crestron Make It Possible 

Whether you’re in Colorado or across the country, King Systems specializes in keeping our clients’ employees collaborating with ease. As more employees are shifting back to office life after working from home for several months, it’s important to stay mindful of health and seek opportunities to keep staff safe when possible. To do that, we encourage clients to look for ways to reduce touchpoints in the office.  

Instead of fumbling for a wire to connect a laptop for a presentation, why not connect wirelessly? Or if an employee needs special security clearance to enter a sector of a warehouse, why have them punch in a unique user ID when they could instead use an employee keycard or a face recognition camera for access? To explore the answers to these questions and learn more about remote access control systems and Crestron mobile room management software, keep scrolling below! 

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What Is Access Control? 

Every business has specific areas that are considered off-limits from clients or are restricted to specified staff access only. If you don’t have a modernized access control system integrated into your Denver-area office, you’re putting your company at risk.  

Restricting access to materials in supply rooms, conferencing areas, and warehouses helps managers keep track of inventory and protect AV equipment. Limiting access to staff-occupied areas protects employees’ safety by ensuring only those with the correct credentials are allowed inside the building. Biometric readers and keycard access control systems are two hands-free methods that you can add to your business for an additional layer of protection and increased peace of mind. 

What Can Crestron ONE Do for my Office? 

Though touchless solutions have been around for some time, their adoption has increased dramatically due to recent world events over the last year. Having the ability to walk into a room, enter the unique room access code on your device, then immediately send your screen to the display at the front of the room may seem futuristic, but it’s not thanks to solutions like Creston ONE.  

Generally, “smart” conference rooms let you wirelessly connect your personal device to the large display for presentations, but the Crestron ONE app takes it a step further and lets you have power over the entire room. Your Denver-area office will even have remote access control and room booking capability in the app, plus wayfinding functionality with on-wall touchscreens located outside of spaces. 

Your IT department will be happy to know that devices connect via Bluetooth and don’t need to reside on the same network, so company security standards stay enforceable. Plus, you’ll have mobile room control, so adjusting the lighting and shading and switching from one employee’s presentation device to another’s is a breeze.  

You can also pair a Crestron-powered room with access control. Employees can book the conference area remotely, then use their employee keycard to access the room! Once inside, they’ll only need to tap in a code to connect their laptop or smartphone. 

If you’re ready to help your employees stay productive while collaborating safely in Denver or wherever they may be around the globe, then connect with King Systems using our online form or chat with us below. We look forward to hearing from you!