Commercial Project Spotlight: Delta Dental

See How King Systems Added Automation Technology to this Office in Denver 

Technology has changed dramatically over the last several decades, and offices in Denver, CO, and beyond need modern technology solutions that elevate their staff’s productivity and their mental and physical well-being, too! 

Combining employee wellness and technology is not a fad; it can make a business thrive and attract high-end talent for years to come. Developing a well-planned and executed project design that incorporates smart solutions that blend seamlessly into your daily operations is essential. Keep reading below to learn about the commercial automation technologies we were able to include in our recent partnership with Stantec and Delta Dental.  

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Who is Delta Dental? 

We find ourselves feeling truly fulfilled when we can help those that help others. In 2020, Delta Dental invested more than $102.5 million in communities across the nation and impacted an estimated 24.7 million lives with exemplary dedication to oral health education.  

As the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental, the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s new 55,000-square-foot office space focused on sustainability and staff wellness. By incorporating several commercial automation features into the beautiful design crafted by the Stantec team, we helped create a workplace filled with technologies that fostered innovative collaboration opportunities and improved peace of mind. 

True Collaboration 

Image by David Lauer 

With a dispersed workforce, it’s important to look and sound your best – whether you’re physically in the office or communicating via video conference call. High-performance cameras, microphones, speakers, and video displays are imperative for accurately sharing and receiving messaging during sales calls, brainstorming sessions with coworkers, or presenting to a high-profile client or C-suite executive. Examples of this in the Delta Dental office space include smaller collaboration rooms (as seen in the image above) and boardrooms. 

Truly Smart Solutions 

Image by David Lauer 

Occupancy sensors ensure that lighting and AV stay idle when no one is in the room, reducing energy expenditure. Once an employee walks into the space, though, the room springs to life with energy-efficient smart LED lighting and AV equipment whirring to readiness. Automated smart scenes make presenting easier than ever, too. Initiate a “Presentation” scene to dim the lighting, turn on ambient noise blocking technology, and lower shading so there’s no glare on the display screen. Presenters can connect their devices hands-free with smart wireless connectivity, too.  


Image by David Lauer 

Copious sunlight enters the Delta Dental offices through windows and glass office walls. This supports the beautiful greenery on the living wall (see above, to the right in the image), and TV displays dot the open areas for branded messaging and on-the-spot, wireless meeting opportunities. Employee workstations also benefit from sunlight harvesting, which takes advantage of every opportunity to utilize natural lighting in the workspace – in stairwells, meeting spaces, and more. 

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