3 Reasons You Should Work with Certified Automation Companies

Commercial Automation Requires More than DIY Installations! 

Running a business can be a costly endeavor, but if you’re looking for ways to reduce expenses, let us tell you that opting for DIY solutions is not the answer. Visiting your local office supply store in Denver in order to purchase monitors, cabling, routers, or other technologies may seem like a cost-saving measure, but this decision could cost you thousands in unexpected funds or time delays in the future. 

Partnering with certified commercial automation companies that work with high-profile clients not only in Colorado but across the globe ensures your business technologies work correctly and that you have someone to turn to if anyone experiences issues. Keep reading below to learn three ways King Systems can offer the ultimate installation experience without causing a headache! 

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Professional Expertise 

If your IT department decides to shop for equipment at the big-box retailer across town then installs it themselves, who would you turn to if issues arise? If cutting into drywall led to nicking a waterline, is your internal team prepared to handle the situation?  

A certified commercial automation company like King Systems knows precisely what to do in situations like we described and is knowledgeable about new construction and retrofit best practices. We pay attention to the latest building codes, ensuring we follow current requirements for all of our installations, too.  

Besides providing a turnkey solution to your Denver-area business, our team will also teach you about the latest technology needs for companies just like yours. We’ll walk you through the selection process, keeping an eye on modern devices that not only work seamlessly now but that will also allow for future growth – whether that growth is with your staff, your data needs, or even a future building expansion. Putting your trust in a company with decades of experience and over 60 certifications will pay dividends over the course of running your business. 

Post-Installation Support 

Once the audio/video components, lighting, shading, and security installations are completed, who do you plan to contact if something does not work properly? Perhaps essential wiring malfunctions the day before a global client presentation, or maybe the keycard readers are not recognizing staff as they try to access the building. No matter the issue, a certified installer should have a robust service and maintenance plan available. 

We’re committed to developing and maintain long-term relationships with our clients over the lifetime of your current installations, plus our service plans are customizable to meet your needs! 

Price Match Guarantee 

When clients contact an automation company and review project bids, we know the importance of the bottom line. That being said, we’re also committed to providing our exemplary commercial services and equipment at a fair price. That’s why we are willing to stand by our Price Match Guarantee.  

We will either 1) match a competitor’s Qualified Bid and beat it by 2% (up to a maximum of $250) or 2) if we can’t match and beat their price, we will reimburse you 2% of the Qualified Bid upon completion of the work! For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Price Match Guarantee here. 

If you’re ready for an on-site evaluation to determine the best commercial technologies for your office or facility, connect with us here or chat with a representative at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to show you what it’s like to partner with a certified automation company like King Systems!