Promote Productivity with Conference Room Scheduling

The last year was challenging for businesses all over the world, and most business owners are hoping to get back on track in 2021. As some employees start to make their way back into your Denver, CO, office, it’s important to ensure your work environment is set up to promote and protect productivity. 

Conference room scheduling technology removes the complications of reserving conference rooms for meetings and prevents avoidable meeting interruptions so that your team can work towards your 2021 goals. Keep reading for an overview of conference room scheduling technology and how it can help your business. 

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What is Conference Room Scheduling? 

Conference room scheduling technology typically involves a combination of both hardware and software. Hardware may include room scheduling panels and hallway signs, while the software connects to business calendars and offers room analytics to business owners and anyone who needs that information.  

Scheduling panels are installed outside of the conference room so that anyone passing by can see when the room is scheduled, what it’s scheduled for, and who’s participating in the meeting. Some businesses even install room availability signs in their hallways so that employees can quickly tell if a room is available or occupied.  

The most important piece to conference room scheduling technology is the software that integrates with employees’ calendars. These systems integrate with popular platforms, including Outlook, Office365, Google Calendar, and more, so it’s convenient and simple for your employees to use.  

Now that you understand what conference room scheduling technology is, keep readinbelow to learn a few of its most significant benefits.  

Ensure Rooms are Used for Their Intended Purpose 

To avoid a large conference room being scheduled for a meeting that only involves a small number of attendees, your IT department can set parameters for a minimum capacity in each conference room. No one will have to deal with any awkward mid-meeting shuffling to a smaller conference room to open up a bigger one for another meeting.  

Change Conference Rooms with Ease 

Conference room scheduling technology makes changing room bookings simple and straightforward. Employees can make a quick change through their calendars or right on the scheduling panel.  

Avoid Walking into the Wrong Meeting 

When you forget which conference room is holding a meeting you’re supposed to be in, scheduling technology helps you avoid having to play the guessing game. When you have scheduling panels installed outside of your conference rooms, all you need to do is walk up to the schedule and see what meetings are in progress, what the topic is, and who the attendees are. 

If your mission is to make this year more productive than 2020 was for your business, you need to consider conference room scheduling technology. Reach out to King Systems by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!