Streamline Every Meeting with Zoom Rooms

Your company setting may not look like what you are typically used to these days. Now more than ever, collaboration solutions need to fulfill the demand of today’s new norm. Corporate offices in Denver, CO and across the globe are now implementing a work from home or hybrid workforce. Whether you are working in the office or remotely, collaborating efficiently with your team is a priority. Zoom can bridge the gap between your in-office staff and those who are working from home or across the country.

Integrating Zoom into your boardrooms can go above and beyond just opening the Zoom application on the boardroom’s computer. Transform your conference rooms into Zoom Rooms – meant to streamline every meeting and elevate your commercial audio video performance. Setting up video conferencing will become second nature with this type of intuitive setup.

For this level of innovation and collaboration, keep reading below to find out more.

Crestron Zoom Rooms

The easiest way to make any boardroom into a Zoom Room is via Crestron. This trusted brand in the audio video industry can completely simplify integrating Zoom into your conference room AV system. With the Zoom software natively integrated into its hardware, the Crestron Flex Series can convert any boardroom into a Zoom Room. Employees can join from their smart device of choice – quickly and easily, and at any time. Below, we’ll dive into the different components that make up a top-notch Zoom Room.

High-End Audio and Video

Imagine crystal-clear audio and stunning visuals for every meeting, presentation, or screen-share. There’s nothing quite as awkward is when a screen freezes or when audio skips or gets delayed. Never deal with grainy video or garbled audio in an important meeting again. A Zoom Room setup and smart network connection can deliver high-end AV performance and make screen-sharing or switching screens seamless on both ends.

Instant Connection & Sharing

Using your Crestron Flex tabletop console, you can manage and start a Zoom call instantly. Wirelessly connect your computer to the video display for everyone in the room to see – no cables or other connections required. Pull up your new meeting and invite employees across the hall or across the city to join. Employees can join from anywhere and from any device that supports the Zoom app, such as a computer, tablet, or phone.

Scheduling & Organization

Zoom Rooms take scheduling and managing your meetings to a new level. Mount a tablet outside every boardroom that displays what Zoom Rooms will be free or occupied throughout the day. You can easily reserve a time for any room and make adjustments right on the spot as you walk by the room. View every time slot and the overall meeting schedules from one tablet – it’s that easy to promote organization and efficiency among your employees.

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