Crestron Meeting Room Solutions Keep Those That Matter Connected

Clients and Employees Need High-Performance Tools to Complete Top-Quality Work

Innovative audio/video technologies have come to the spotlight over the last few years, most notably those that make the daily grind just a little bit easier. Whether you’re in Denver, CO, working from home, or manage a company with international offices, King Systems has the right solution for your company’s needs.

A secure network, high-resolution mics, and cameras, and crystal-clear displays ensure your message is effectively sent and accurately received on the other end. Crestron meeting room solutions offer an additional layer of cutting-edge technology to assist your entire workforce, allowing everyone to operate more effectively and efficiently. Keep reading below to learn more!

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Meeting Management

One of the most essential tools for any office setting or conference hall is a room scheduling tool. Managing meeting room reservations is a task that can quickly become overwhelming, even for the most seasoned administrative staff. To overcome the headache of multiple paper calendars or limited-access Outlook and Google calendars, you can incorporate the easy and intuitive Crestron Room Scheduling software instead!

Employees gain power over their workplace collaboration instead of relying solely on an office admin or receptionist to handle their meeting room reservations. Everyone is on the same page with smart touch panels installed outside of every reservable meeting area. Employees can view the day’s schedule, check availability by the half-hour, and even extend meeting times with a simple tap of their finger. Brand-customizable screens also add a layer of professionalism, so guests and clients are impressed by your company’s strong brand identity.


Beyond a Touchscreen

How many times has someone booked the wrong conference room in your Denver-area office? They’d intended to reserve the 30-person boardroom but instead booked the 8-person conference room because they were desperate for time and didn’t see that information. Unfortunately for them, not everyone could fit. The entire group scrambled to find a meeting area at the last minute simply due to a confusing reservation process that wasn’t transparent or informative. For high-profile clients, this is embarrassing and could potentially cost you the account.

All room information is visible during the Crestron meeting room scheduling process. Room capacity, AV equipment availability, and more are all on display, so no one is left frantically trying to fix a small capacity oversight as we described above.


For the Home Office

You can still utilize Crestron’s powerful office conferencing solutions if you have a hybrid or 100% remote staff. The best part is that it is easy to integrate, and there’s no need for King Systems or your IT staff to travel to your employees’ homes in order to set up a system. A sleek 7-inch tabletop Crestron Flex touchscreen supports single and dual-screen displays, includes a high-resolution camera, and has impressive audio with integrated speakerphone functionality.


King Systems provides innovative conferencing solutions for customers in Denver, CO, and across the globe. Give us a call or contact us here to get started on a commercial consultation today. We can’t wait to hear from you!