Learn Why Networking Solutions Are Necessary for Every Industry

Your Business – and Your Customers – Want to Stay Connected When & Where It Matters Most 

Have you ever pulled out your smartphone and tried to connect to a business’s WiFi, only to find an unsecured or lagging network? Do you find your Denver office employees frustrated because they can’t connect their laptops to the wireless network in a conference room? In business and in our personal lives, having the proper networking solutions is imperative to keep us connected when and where it matters the most. 

Keep reading below to learn why networking solutions are essential in every industry – including yours in Colorado or your international office environments. 

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Digital Signage 

From retail stores to restaurants to healthcare facilities to universities, digital signage can completely transform the way business owners and managers communicate effectively to their employees and patrons.  

Instantaneous information changes can occur sitewide with just a few clicks and edits on the backend dashboard. You can deploy professional, branded messaging quickly and securely with a proper network connection. Networking solutions from King Systems ensure all cabling is hidden and every device can connect – and stay connected – to your secure business network.  


Complete Room Control 

For corporate offices, libraries, and auditoriums, having the ability to press a button and have the room respond is practically life-changing. You’ll be able to cue up the AV equipment, turn on the lights, lower the projector and projection screen from the ceiling, and start up the thermostat to the perfect temperature with a simple tap of your finger.  

Any commercial networking solution deployed in your facility must be secured so that outside tampering cannot occur. For enterprise systems, this is imperative because of how much delicate customer data is stored electronically. A poorly secured network is vulnerable to hackers and data thieves. King Systems works with high-performing networking brands like Cisco, so you can rest assured that all of your business data is protected.  


Video Conferencing 

Hopping on a Zoom or Skype call is commonplace these days, both for those employees in the Denver office and those working from home. No matter where those employees are located, they can convey an air of professionalism with high-performance cameras, microphones, and HD displays. A speedy network ensures that high-dollar client presentations run without a hiccup – no dropped calls, fuzzy video feeds, or disjointed audio connections here! 


Whether you have networking needs in Denver, CO, or across the globe in international offices, King Systems is here for you! Connect with us using our online form to get started – we can’t wait to hear from you.