The Interactive Whiteboard: Perfect for Hybrid Workforce Collaboration

Today’s Video Conference Solutions Engage Participants with Interactive Whiteboards

As the labor crunch continues, companies are changing their strategies and incorporating more of their employee’s preferences. One of the significant transformations in the last two years is the advent of the hybrid workforce. Once thought of as a temporary solution to a world crisis, it soon became apparent that employees and employers realized the benefits.

A 2021 report on global work trends revealed that 73% of employees want flexible remote work options to remain in effect, and 63% want more collaboration. From the employer’s perspective, 66% said they were thinking of redesigning their office space for a hybrid workforce. Video conferencing has fast become the technology star—offering collaboration and engagement while retaining productivity, and the interactive whiteboard has become an essential piece of the collaboration component.

At King Systems, we provide commercial audio and video solutions for corporate spaces in Denver, CO, and across the globe, developing workspaces that increase collaboration and offer seamless presentations. To accomplish this, we partner with best-in-class brands in this sector. A few of these are Crestron, Cisco, and Polycom.

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The Key: Collaboration

A key to a successful hybrid workforce is maintaining collaboration. One of the main tools in video conferencing that assists with collaboration is the interactive whiteboard.

The conference room has seen immense changes as technology has advanced. Today’s conference rooms are smart, with microphones that follow who’s speaking and cameras that deliver high-resolution. Unfortunately, one-way presentations strewn across a whiteboard or slid across a PowerPoint don’t enhance the collaborative process. While they have their place, an interactive whiteboard allows participants to engage.

An interactive whiteboard allows files to be shared, edited, and saved on the whiteboard. Sharing the screen with remote participants ensures all collaborators are on the same page and enables attendees to email and share everything the team discussed.

Polycom UC Board

The Polycom UC Board transforms any whiteboard or LCD monitor into an interactive video whiteboard space. Sharing ideas in remote settings is as easy as drawing and writing with a pen. It provides fully interactive and immersive sessions where people can problem solve and make decisions. In addition, participants can easily share their work while also recording it.

Cisco Webex

Cisco’s Webex Board is a wireless digital whiteboard, presentation screen, and audio and video conferencing system. Participants offer ideas by using the screen as a whiteboard and writing with the Cisco Webex Pen or their finger. This two-way whiteboard is available for the entire team, whether remote or local.

The Webex Board also includes a high-resolution 4K camera and a built-in 12-microphone array that amplifies the sound and modulates the active speaker. As a result, the audio is clear and precise for remote participants.


Crestron’s real-time whiteboard streaming enables participants to view and share from multiple digital whiteboards. They can capture, display, and share whiteboard content with anyone and from anywhere.

Are you ready to improve upon your video conferencing solutions? If so, looking for ways to collaborate more effectively is the key. To learn more about the latest technology and interactive whiteboard options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.