Heading Back to the Office?

Be Prepared for Dynamic Connectivity Whether Your Team Is in the Office or Working Remotely

Offices have changed dramatically over the last two years. Gone are the days of mandatory in-person meetings in the Denver metro office with employees stuffed into a cramped conference room to view a presentation on the big screen. Now, employees can log into their own devices in Colorado or from anywhere in the world while still being collaborative, productive members of the team!

It’s essential to outfit your office and employees with the latest and most effective video conference system technology to support their daily work. Keep scrolling below to learn how King Systems can assist you with this charge!

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Meeting Spaces

Though large conference rooms still have their place in the modern work environment, some of your staff members may feel hesitant about larger congregations of people, or you simply may not have that many people in the office building at once anymore. For these smaller meetups that require audio and video capabilities, brands like Poly and Crestron offer Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and other unified communications setups that can meet your needs.

Generally, these systems include a room controller or computer, a speaker, a microphone, and a camera. Attendees can connect their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and start sharing their screen in seconds! Now, no matter where someone is located – at home, in another country, in-person, or simply down the hall – everyone can share great ideas effectively.


For Those at Home

While the webcam on a laptop may suffice for internal meetings, it’s important to convey an air of professionalism when working with clients. Outfitting your remote employees’ home office is imperative to ensure crystal-clear audio and video and a consistent brand message. Headsets with noise isolation and flexible connectivity options ensure messages are clearly sent and received.

For larger rooms, high-fidelity microphone speakers will work well, too. With a wide-angle, 4K camera, verbal and nonverbal messages are well received, so presentation effectiveness is amplified. Just because someone is working at home doesn’t mean they need to look or sound frumpy – even if they may be wearing pajama bottoms off-camera.


To start a conversation about a new or upgraded video conference system in your business, connect with us using our online form or chat with us at the bottom of your screen. We proudly serve Denver, CO, and corporate offices just like yours across the globe and can’t wait to hear from you!