The Benefits of a Commercial-Grade Speaker System

Enhance the Customer and Employee Experience

Almost every type of business, from restaurants to corporate offices with conference rooms, benefits from a high-performance commercial speaker system. These systems create an engaging and immersive atmosphere, enhancing the customer and client experience while boosting staff productivity. With the right systems, you can easily stream background music, make announcements, and provide crystal-clear audio for remote meetings.

By integrating the proper speakers, placement, and control system, your business experiences even coverage, enhancing the experience without overtaking it. Here, we’ll explore the benefits and features these systems bring and the best practices in creating the ambiance you’re looking for, whether your business is in Denver, CO, or across the nation.

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The Atmosphere

Have you heard of strategic atmosphere? It’s the belief that the sensory environment can increase business and drive revenue by influencing customers’ behavior. And one of the most powerful senses for humans is sound. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, high-quality music can increase customer dwell time and sales. It also improves customer loyalty. 

In a corporate environment, it contributes to the employees’ brand perceptions while increasing productivity and reducing stress. It’s also critical for businesses with video conferencing. High-quality audio denotes professionalism and ensures no miscommunications or frustration. 

The Speakers

High-performance speakers come in many forms, including In-ceiling, surface mount, and pendant. Many of these provide wide dispersion, delivering corner-to-corner coverage with unequaled fidelity. 

Flush-fitting grilles and clean, minimalistic lines enable speakers to blend in with the surrounding aesthetics. Weatherproof speakers bring stunning audio to the outdoors, ideal for restaurants with outdoor seating areas or office complexes with outdoor spaces for collaboration and congregating.

The Setup

Distributed audio systems provide separate zones, creating the ability to play different music or audio at different volume levels in the various areas that make up your business. For instance, in a restaurant, the bar, zone one, may be tuning into the football game while the dining room, zone two, listens to soft jazz. We can also create separate zones in the kitchen and the office to help keep staff motivated.

The Control

You and your team can easily manage the audio from a touchscreen by tapping the area and the source. You gain access to millions of songs from commercially licensed streaming music services that offer high-quality, lossless music.

You can also monitor and control the system remotely from anywhere, ensuring what’s playing is brand-focused, operating at the correct volume levels, and playing in the appropriate areas when you’re away. We can also schedule the system to adjust automatically based on the time of day. These systems let you easily add speakers and integrate with the leading commercial automation platforms, allowing you to scale as your business grows.

Working with King Systems

Are you ready to create an immersive, engaging environment? King Systems’ audio-video and automation experts can help. We’ll assess the needs of your space and recommend the appropriate speakers. Then, we’ll optimize their performance through strategic design and installation. To learn more about a commercial speaker system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.