Boost Employee Engagement with Help from a Commercial AV Company


Denver is known as a progressive city, and employers in Colorado’s commercial hub want to create progressive workplaces that match the sensibilities of their staff. Effective communication, in all its forms, plays a crucial role in keeping employees motivated and engaged. Companies often declare their people as their most valuable assets, and rightly so. However, a business with a disengaged workforce will struggle to reach its full potential, regardless of its other strengths. 

With the digital revolution, workplaces have moved beyond traditional paper communication to more dynamic digital forms. One such form of communication that is often underutilized is digital signage. While digital signage is commonly associated with customer engagement, it also offers untapped potential for boosting employee engagement.

As a leading commercial AV company in Denver, CO, and across the globe, we fully understand how this flexible solution can be leveraged internally in many diverse organizations. Stay with us below as we explain how organizations can use digital signage to inform, engage, and motivate their teams.

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Health and Wellness Information

Promoting health and wellness is a top priority for many businesses. Healthier employees are more productive and contribute to a positive work environment. Digital displays can be instrumental in communicating health initiatives. For instance, in a break room or office common area, a digital display can announce on-site flu shots or subsidized ones through the health plan. If there’s an on-site cafeteria, digital signage can promote healthy menu options with nutritional information, encouraging employees to make healthier choices.

Employee Recognition

Recognition is a powerful motivator. Digital signage offers a modern, engaging way to celebrate employee achievements. Whether it’s recognizing the employee of the month with a photo and a brief description of their accomplishments, celebrating work anniversaries with a timeline of the employee’s journey in the company, or highlighting volunteer work with pictures and stories from the event, digital signage can make these recognitions more visible and impactful. For instance, you could have a rotating display of “Employee Spotlights” highlighting different team members’ contributions or a “Kudos Corner” where colleagues can publicly thank each other for help and support.

Company Social Responsibility

Digital signage can also be a platform for showcasing your company’s social responsibility initiatives. Whether it’s promoting green initiatives like a company-wide recycling challenge, sharing progress on waste reduction efforts with real-time stats and graphs, or highlighting community involvement with photos and stories from company-sponsored volunteer days, digital displays can help build a sense of shared purpose and pride among your employees. For example, you could display a live counter of the amount of waste saved by recycling efforts or a photo slideshow from a recent charity event the company participated in. This keeps employees informed about the company’s actions and encourages them to get involved.


At King Systems, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art AV solutions tailored to your business needs. We’re more than just a commercial AV company—we’re your partner in creating a more engaging and productive workplace in Denver. To learn more, call us at 303-410-0924, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!