Temperature Sensor Technology Creates a Comfortable Work Environment

This unparalleled season of life has changed the way we go about our daily lives, and for most – it’s made work an entirely new territory to navigate. Your employees’ safety is a top priority for you, so making your workspace a safe place to collaborate and continue on, business as usual.

This is why temperature sensor technology has become a new, innovative way to keep your workspace protected and promoting wellness. In this blog, we’ll dive into what this technology entails exactly and how it can benefit your Crested Butte, CO company.

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The Temperature Sensor Technology

So how does checking your employees’ temperatures work? Especially in a way that doesn’t inhibit productivity or give your office atmosphere an uninviting feel to it. To ensure every employee is checked and their temperatures accounted for, thermal imaging is the best to use for a workplace’s scale. Thermal imaging, or heat detection, via surveillance cameras can help determine your staff’s temperatures and if any are above the standard.

How Accurate is This Technology?

You’ll want to see accuracy that never goes above or below two degrees. As the standard body temperature is 98.6 for most people (and that, of course, can vary depending on the person or their surroundings), and a fever is considered at 100.4 and above. You don’t want a system that thinks someone coming out of the cool car is healthy, while someone walking in from the heat has a fever just because their face is over-heated and flushed.

Smart surveillance camera analytics can eliminate this guesswork and provide the accuracy you’re seeking. Utilizing facial recognition, your temperature sensor camera system can determine a person’s body temperature from the corner of their eye, for example. This will give you an accurate reading of their temperature in a quick and precise way.

Security System Integration

A temperature sensor system shouldn’t stand alone; full integration into the rest of your commercial automation and security systems is essential and makes managing these solutions easier for everyone. You want your temperature detection technology to communicate with other parts of your company building security and surveillance system, with the ability to notify you immediately via your smart device when someone’s temperature has spiked or been noted as high.

You can even have your company access control take effect, and keep a person identified with a slightly high temperature from entering certain public or high-traffic areas until they can return home. Your cameras and security solutions will all be one integrated system with your thermal imaging and technology. It’s that easy.

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