How Companies Are Adapting to the Demand for Virtual Meetings

Upgrading Conference Room AV or Turning Spaces into Huddle Rooms

Many of us spent the last few years in virtual meetings. What we once considered a solution to a crisis was an unplanned experiment that showed us the possibilities and benefits of remote work. Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams became our anchors, and conference room AV became the defining element in a successful transition.

Have your conference rooms adapted to the changing times? Or is your team struggling to fit in the number of virtual meetings today’s world demands?

At King Systems, we create custom conference room solutions in Denver, CO, and nationwide, designed with our clients’ unique needs and challenges in mind. Two popular solutions to meet the new demand and the growing hybrid workforce include upgrading current conference rooms and turning unused spaces into huddle rooms.

Let’s explore these unique solutions to the dilemma many businesses now face. 

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Creating the Ideal Conference & Huddle Rooms

According to Zippia, 74% of companies in the U.S. are planning to implement or are currently using a permanent hybrid work model. Reduced travel expenses and a surprisingly productive workforce were just a few reasons this one-time experiment became a permanent solution. Additionally, research conducted by Cisco found tremendous value in huddle spaces. However, 65% of those surveyed reported that at least half of these spaces needed video conferencing, and 78% were frustrated with the technology.

A few common issues associated with this unexpected transition include dealing with outside noise, problems with connecting and content sharing, and ensuring everyone in the meeting room is seen and heard clearly. Solving these challenges and creating an engaging and successful virtual meeting space requires four essential elements. 

The Display

The display is, in many ways, the key to successful collaboration and productivity. A single display is often sufficient in smaller spaces, like huddle rooms. In larger rooms, one screen displays remote participants, and a second shares content. 4K HDR displays offer crystal-clear images that create the in-person experience.

The Camera

Enterprise-grade conference cameras offer 4K HD resolution, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, and a wide field of vision. A smart video conferencing camera automatically focuses on the speaker and zooms in and out based on the people entering and leaving a room. This technology creates the same perception attendees would experience if they met in person, creating a drastically improved meeting. In addition, some organizations opt for all-in-one video bars for small huddle rooms.

Microphones & Speakers

Audio is a critical component, ensuring everyone is heard. Today, many companies use microphone arrays embedded in the ceiling, an option that reduces clutter. Huddle rooms may only need one of these ceiling mics. These arrays follow the speaker and use sophisticated digital processing to ensure no background noise. Speakers strategically installed into walls and ceilings provide crystal-clear audio. 

Are you ready to expand your virtual meeting capabilities? At King Systems, we perform site surveys to help our clients realize the best AV solutions for their valuable spaces. To learn about conference room AV or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.