Is Your Company in Need of a Signage Overhaul?

Commercial Display Technologies Get the Message Across – Digitally! 

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned office memorandum posted in the breakroom or faxed to departments in order to get important messaging across to the entire staff roster. Sending important updates and requests has evolved over time, with email blasts becoming popular alongside the traditional memo. 

But there’s a more efficient way to disperse branded messaging, schedules, weather, and reminders to your staff in Denver, CO or across the globe: commercial display technologies. Screens today are highly durable and perform well with demanding applications. Keep scrolling below to learn more about the possibilities for your own business. 

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It’s Time for an Upgrade 

Older flat panel display technologies were pricy, notorious for image burn-in, and weren’t bright enough to be seen in environments with copious amounts of natural light. Today’s commercial digital signage technology offers large format LCD and LED options in portrait and landscape orientations with multiple source selections. This allows you to share practically any type of message immediately at the press of a finger! 

Business owners can welcome visitors and show meeting schedules – or even offer interactive touchscreen functionality! Whether it’s a single display in a Crestron Zoom Room, a conference room, or a jaw-dropping video wall display in a major thoroughfare, King Systems’ technical team will incorporate the best commercial display technology to fit your company’s display needs. 

Video Walls 

An expertly installed video wall display offers seamless imagery that’s scalable to virtually any size and shape. Use 4K video technology to create immersive digital experiences, deliver news or emergency broadcasts in real-time, and reduce the need for printing posters or signs that look unprofessional or become out-of-date quickly. 

TV vs. Projector 

Many of our clients ask whether we prefer TV displays over projectors in meeting rooms, and our answer is often the same: it really depends on your business’ needs and budget! TV displays offer a simpler installation process, whereas projector and screen combinations offer larger screen size options.  

If you have a space with ample natural sunlight, a TV display may be the better option unless you have room in the budget for higher-priced ambient light rejecting screens and brighter-than-a-TV projectors. If you have a fully integrated smart office, though, then motorized shades and dimmable lighting can solve the problem of too-sunny spaces. 

No matter your commercial messaging needs, King Systems has you covered whether you’re in Colorado or across the country. Connect with us here for a free site evaluation – we can’t wait to bring innovative display technologies to your facility!