Scheduling Meeting Rooms In the Age of Remote Work

Efficient, Real-Time Meeting Room Scheduling Is More Important than Ever

Space at the office is limited, especially since a global downsizing following the rise of remote work. With employees recently making their way back to the office and many of them opting for a permanent remote or hybrid schedule, it is more important than ever to coordinate personnel efficiently. After all, scheduling can make or break a workplace!

At King Systems, we are the leading installers and integrators of meeting room scheduling solutions in Denver, CO, and offer our services and expertise to clients across the nation. For many of our clients, efficiently running their company’s schedule has proved to be the difference over the past few years.

Here are three reasons why an efficient meeting room scheduling system is more important than ever.

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Getting People Back to the Office

Shared calendar platforms have been the norm for a while, but since the onset of Covid19 they have become essential to every business. We are all linked through calendars, whether we are working at the office again or not.

Among the most urgent issues facing companies today is how to bring employees back to the office. With a more health-conscious global workforce, technologies that limit unnecessary interactions may be part of the answer. Crestron scheduling panels are the perfect case in point.

They can be installed outside meeting rooms and linked through the Crestron XiO Cloud management system, giving management and employees access to the ultimate shared calendar. These panels also increase productivity and eliminate scheduling conflicts thanks to real-time usage data and analytics available to management and system administrators.

It is worth mentioning that many parts of remote work are great. For example, wirelessly connecting to each other is now part of our daily lives and jobs, helping us be more efficient and keeping a business running even if everyone is not at the office. A smart, targeted scheduling solution for your company would benefit all employees by giving them access to a common scheduling platform. For those at the office, it would have the added advantage of hardware designed to improve performance and productivity.

How a Professional Can Help

Selecting the right brands and products for your company, and designing and installing an efficient scheduling system may seem like a daunting task. It is the reason many companies still rely on outdated meeting rooms and email calendar invites. We are to help make the transition easier for you, and to tell you that the future of meeting room scheduling is already here. After a global pandemic, the tools at our disposal are more valuable than ever.

At King Systems, we can bring your company into the new business world. Contact us to find out what scheduling solution makes the most sense for you.