4 Reasons a Video Wall Installation is Vital to Your Business

Upgrade your digital signage with immersive, versatile video walls 

From restaurants and corporate offices to retail stores, all sorts of businesses can benefit from video walls. If done well, they’re eye-catching tools that instantly grab the attention of anyone that walks through the door of your establishment. From broadcasting messages to highlighting the best deals on the menu, a video wall installation helps you communicate and engage with clients in a whole new way. Read on to discover the top four reasons your business in Denver, CO, or across the nation needs video walls.

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1.     4K Resolution Instantly Grabs Attention

As soon as a customer walks through the doors of your business, you only get a few seconds to grab their attention. If they don’t find anything of interest, they may leave before you make an impression.

That’s where video walls come in. This advanced digital signage solution produces large, high-quality visuals with 4k resolutions that display vibrant colors to showcase slogans, deals, discounts, and instructions. 

For the best results, it’s essential that your video wall be in a place where it will be noticed quickly. When you work with professionals, they strategically place digital signage to ensure you get the best results possible.

2.     User-Friendly Solution for Your Marketing Team

Not every employee you hire is going to be tech-savvy. The good news is that video walls are a simplified form of digital signage that anyone can operate without hassle. Employ a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for in-house staff or agency marketers to adjust the content on the display. Seamlessly switch out content and choose whether all displays come together to showcase one large image or if you want each to broadcast different content. In short, you get a high-tech digital display with endless features that anyone can operate.

3.     One-Time Installation Saves Time and Money

Think of video walls as a one-time investment. Instead of changing the flyers or other printable marketing merchandise every time, you can simply change the content of your display in seconds. Your employees won’t have to make arrangements for new displays each time a new promotion comes up. 

Moreover, changing regular displays takes time and money. While video walls may seem expensive initially, when you look at the long-term benefits, they offer a clear return on investment. You can use the digital signage system for many years to come.

4.     Useful for Emergency Management

When an emergency situation occurs, you need to alert everyone on the premises and provide them with valuable information that can help with the evacuation. Thankfully, video walls come in handy under such circumstances. You can quickly broadcast instructions that will help everyone get to safety.

A video wall installation can completely change your marketing style, making it more efficient and effective. King Systems works with top brands to ensure you get the best digital signage products and installation. Get started on your project today by calling (303) 410-0924. You can also fill out an easy online contact form for more details.