Extend Your Living Space with Outdoor Entertainment

Use the Latest Audio and Video to Create an Inspiring Outdoor Oasis

At King Systems, we specialize in customized high-performance audio-video systems designed with our customers’ unique needs in mind. Today, many people are opting to extend their living spaces, creating outdoor entertainment areas that bring friends and family together in the Great Outdoors. 

Over the years, we’ve watched this landscape transform as high-fidelity brands entered the marketplace, creating outdoor architectural landscape speakers that offer incredible sound. Next came the weatherproof outdoor TVs with pictures that rival the best indoor brands. Together, they make the kind of entertainment once relegated to outdoor arenas and entertainment venues. 

Let’s explore the options and how we’re transforming outdoor spaces in Denver, CO, and across the nation. 

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The Sound

Gone are the one-directional outdoor speakers that bring sound to your patio and, maybe, the pool. The latest landscape speakers blend seamlessly with your outdoor architecture and grounds while delivering immersive, high-fidelity audio. In-ground subwoofers provide the all-important bass, and you’ll experience a blanket of sound with no hot spots or dead zones. When it’s time for movie night or game day, you’ll experience the surround sound so crucial to the experience. 

The Image

Today’s best outdoor TVs are designed to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them, including Denver snowstorms and hotter summers. Some of our clients even set up their entertainment center next to the pool, so they can enjoy a movie while floating on the waters and not worry if their TV or speakers get wet. 

These TVs offer crystal-clear images in brilliant colors, utilizing QLED or UHD 4K HDR technology. Some are designed for full-sun applications, while others perform best in the shade. Anti-glare screens and brightness levels far exceeding indoor TVs mean images that remain clear in bright sunlight.

The Control

Integrating your outdoor AV with your indoor distributed AV system lets you experience complete control of your home’s entertainment via one easy-to-use platform. The best part is that family members can watch and listen to different sources at the same time from the same system. One can enjoy their daily podcast in the office, while another relaxes by the pool with their “outdoor” playlist. Yet another tunes into their favorite vinyl while relaxing in the living room.

One tap on a touchscreen or remote, and you can choose the source, room or outdoor area, and volume. For larger estates, we can create zones in the outdoor space, enabling audio and video in the patio, by the pool, in the gardens, and throughout the area, all controlled from the same interface and each able to listen to different sources simultaneously. 

Are you ready to explore the wonders of today’s outdoor entertainment? To learn more about the many options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact King Systems today.