Can I Take My TV Outdoors?

We Answer Our Top 2 Questions About Outdoor AV Systems

With the warmer weather upon us, many of us are heading outside to enjoy the sunshine. There’s no need to travel somewhere else to enjoy the ultimate relaxation and entertainment oasis, though – you can enjoy it in your very own backyard!

Outdoor AV makes it possible to bring all of your favorite comforts from indoors to your backyard and patio spaces. Specially crafted to withstand Colorado’s seasonal changes year-round – snow, rain, sun, and insects included – outdoor audio and video components can transform the way you enjoy your Denver-area property.

Keep scrolling below to see our answers to two frequently asked questions about outdoor AV, then contact us to get started in your outside spaces!

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Can I Set Up a Regular TV Outside?

The keyword here is regular TV. No, you cannot take the same TV that you have set up in your media room indoors, outside, unless you want to ruin it. Weatherized outdoor TVs have specialty enclosures that protect the delicate electronics inside from dust and insects. Extreme UV damage from the sun can break down the plastic enclosure as well, so having a TV display crafted to withstand the harsh efforts of Mother Nature ensures a long-lasting outdoor entertainment experience.

Conventional TVs aren’t bright enough for outside, either. Generally, brightness levels hover around 500 nits, but outdoor TVs range from 700 to 2,500 nits. This range is due to the different shading options. Full-sun, partial sun, and full-shade TVs offer an optimized contrast to combat the sun’s harsh glare, so no matter where you decide to add a TV, the entire family will be able to enjoy it!


How Can I Listen to My Favorite Music Outside?

Just as outdoor TVs are designed to perform in all sorts of weather conditions, so are outdoor speakers! There are various styles to choose from – from soundbars to bullet speakers to camouflaged rock speakers. These outdoor audio options can make a statement or blend seamlessly into your landscaping – the choice is yours.

And the best part? By using a weatherproof outdoor remote or pulling out your smartphone, you can adjust the volume, skip a song, and switch between streaming stations to your turntable with a simple tap of your finger. The same interface that you use to control your multi-room audio system can also control your outdoor areas. Have the speakers around the pool play the audio from the game playing in your media room or listen to a new podcast episode while gardening – the possibilities are nearly endless.


From Denver to across the globe, King Systems is always here to support our clients and answer your questions. If you’d like to explore the possibilities of outdoor AV, contact us here to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.