How Effectively Are You Using Your Lights?

Lighting Control Leads to Smarter Smart Homes and Better Health for You and Your Family

When we wake up, our bodies respond to the color temperature and intensity of morning sunlight. Our heart rate, body temperature, and cognitive function all increase at the start of every day in response. 

At King Systems, we design, program, and install lighting control systems in Crested Butte, CO, and across the globe.

These systems’ precision and degree of customization often surprise homeowners looking to integrate smart lighting into their homes. It is no wonder all of them hired us to help!

Here are three ways lighting control makes your smart home smarter and you and your loved ones healthier and more productive.

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Lighting Tailored to Your Needs

Smart lights must reflect and enhance the nature of any room they illuminate. They also should be automated and respond to how and when you use those spaces.

Living rooms and kitchens are well illuminated during the day but kept darker at night to invite sharing and relaxing with our loved ones.

Tunable lights by companies like Lutron adjust their color temperature and intensity to match different activities in the same space. For example, pendants above the dining table may be at full power to showcase a delicious dinner, and dim for a romantic date afterwards.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, smart lights can transform the deck into the perfect party spot or a dark platform to stargaze on clear nights. All it takes is a tap on your smartphone!

Feel the Power of Tunable Light

How do tunable lights work, exactly? Lutron’s human-centric lighting solutions are designed to mimic sunlight and optimize the body’s circadian rhythms.

Tunable lights set to cooler white temperatures act similarly to morning sunlight, increasing our body temperature, heart rate, and appetite.

On the other hand, warm white temperatures are ideal for resting and healing. In a dimly illuminated massage room, the right lights will lower your heart rate and hormone levels.

Paired with Lutron’s motorized shades and Control4’s automation, tunable lights can set the mood for a restful night or a day of work from home.

Productivity at Any Time

Speaking of remote work, we also offer state-of-the-art office solutions that easily integrate with your smart home technology systems.

An automated lighting control system lets you prepare the office for a conference call at any time, while tunable lights keep you focused and the room bright as day.

So if you are looking to make your smart home smarter, and improve your health and wellness,  contact us about how lighting control can help!