Elevate Your Kitchen Remodel with Control4 Automation

According to a recent Houzz survey, the kitchen is the most remodeled room, with 27% of homeowners sprucing it up. What are the most common upgrades during these remodels? These include adding a kitchen island, backsplashes, hidden trash compartments, and new technology. Though appliances lead the way in that last category, smart technology is slowly gaining ground. 

Why is smart technology so popular in the kitchen? This blog highlights ways our Control4 systems improve the overall functionality, safety, and style of the most important room in your Denver, CO, home.  

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Simplicity Takes Center Stage 

Though many homeowners focus on aesthetics during remodels, functionality is just as important. And Control4’s smart home systems are vital in making this space easier to use. Below are just two ways: 

  • Lighting Control: Enjoy natural light in the morning, then quickly close shades and brighten indoor fixtures to avoid glare as the sun shifts. With intuitive control from a touchpad or voice commands, adjust task lighting as needed to cook with ease. 
  • Climate Control: Design a kitchen scene that automatically lowers the temperature to compensate for the heat from the stove and oven. The same automation could power up the fan to improve ventilation. 

Instill a Bit of Fun to Your Cooking

Don’t forget about making your space more fun as well! Control4’s intuitive platform and automated scenes also make your cooking more enjoyable. Play ambient music or your favorite podcast through in-ceiling speakers. Or ask your voice assistant to read out the next step in your recipe. If you’re hosting friends, lend them your touchpad to let them pick out their favorite music. When dinner is ready, use Control4’s Intercom Anywhere to let everyone know they should head to the dining room. 

Put Safety First for Your Family

Control4 integrates with a wide range of third-party devices to enhance the overall safety of your kitchen. Install smoke and gas detectors and receive instant alerts if there are ever fires in the kitchen. Using the Intercom Anywhere feature, easily communicate with the entire family during evacuation. You’ll also be able to integrate your surveillance and access control. If a guest arrives while you’re stuck switching a dish in the oven, use your app or touchpad to see who’s at the door and let them in without leaving your food unattended. 

Keep Your Personality Flowing 

The best part about Control4 systems is they’re highly customizable. They work with various partners to ensure your smart technology fits your kitchen design. Here are some ways Control4 puts aesthetics first: 

  • Shading: Choose from motorized shades available in many models (from Roman shades to Venetian blinds), colors, and fabrics. 
  • Control: Declutter your space by replacing on-wall switches with elegant keypads that manage lights, shades, AC, and more. Keypads come in various colors, finishes, and button combinations. 
  • Hidden Technology: Keep devices hidden with in-ceiling speakers that are heard but not seen and TVs that disappear into crevices in your cabinets or ceiling. 

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel this year, don’t forget to upgrade your technology as well! Call us or fill out our contact form for tips on adding Control4’s magic to your kitchen.