Elevate Your Home Audio with AV Installation

Explore The Functionalities of Home Audio

Home automation has allowed you to expand your horizons when it comes to home entertainment. You now have the ability to listen to music in any room of your home and get the best audio quality from your home entertainment systems with whole-home audio. If you’re still uncertain about opting for an AV installation, take a look at what whole-home audio can offer you and your Crested Butte, CO home in terms of convenience and reliability.

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Music In Any Room

By installing a whole-home audio system, you can have access to music anytime and anywhere. You can also connect speakers to the whole home audio system so the music can play in different rooms, so you won’t miss a single beat. If you enjoy dancing around your home, the immersive sound experience allows you to go from room to room without compromising on the flow or quality of music.

Seamless Integration

With the right AV installation, you can incorporate your whole home audio with home automation systems such as Crestron and Savant to get complete control of your entertainment systems and your home from a single device. The integration makes it easier for you to connect multiple devices for audio streaming, whether it’s from your smartphone or from a CD. You can even link your speaker systems to your home entertainment system and manage your sound settings from your phone for when you watch movies and TV shows.

Get More Coverage With Voice Control

By integrating voice control in your home, you can control different home automation and AV devices with your voice without having to look for the remote. Voice control systems such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or even dedicated home automation assistants like Josh.ai can execute a number of commands that are programmed into their system. For example, if you want to turn up the volume of your TV, all you have to do is ask your system, and it’ll make the sound louder without requiring you to move an inch. Similarly, if you want music to play in your living room and dining room while you’re hosting a party, simply command the system, and your rooms will be flooded with your selected playlist instantly.

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