The Collaboration of the 21st Century

Tell us your vision and we make it a reality. Our Automated Conference Room systems are unique and custom for each of our clients. Our design and installation team create a detailed system that incorporates your needs. This process will guarantee that we are providing you with the promised turn-key solution reflecting your vision, budget and time restrictions. 

Our state of the art custom designs integrate every aspect you could possibly imagine to create a unique, 21st Century, fully Automated Conference Room. From holding company meetings and training’s, to presentations and demos, communicating within your facility and around the globe has never been easier. With the touch of a button you can control not only your audio and video distribution, but also your lighting, shade and temperature settings. Our team specializes in creating a system that is highly reliable and ready to launch instantly. Simply enter the room, plug in, press a button and your ready to go. 

With audio and video conferencing you can connect directly to your audience quickly and efficiently right from your conference room. With today’s technology you can do so in high definition with even more clarity than ever before. Save the time, save the money, and make you and your company available to your clients “ON DEMAND”.

The Crestron Solution

Mercury Tabletop Conference System

One amazing tabletop device that enables audio and video conferencing, BYOD multimedia presentation, and web collaboration.

Crestron® Mercury™ transforms your meeting rooms into highly effective collaboration spaces. Combining all the must-have conferencing features in one easy to use device, Mercury enables people to work together and share content irrespective of location. Exceptional full-duplex audio and optional HD video afford a gratifying and productive meeting experience for all participants. Integrated room scheduling and corporate directory access help to maximize efficiency. Mercury is secure, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and protects your investment by providing room usage data as part of a complete managed enterprise.

Crestron Mercury is the only UC and AV all-in-one tabletop solution that supports any web collaboration application. By combining all the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools in one easy-to-use console, Mercury enables people to work together regardless of location or conferencing application. All others lock you into a single platform.

  • Mercury is a full-featured VoIP conferencing speakerphone that’s fully compatible with major SIP-compliant phone systems. Its advanced design provides highly-intelligible, full-duplex communication for every participant around a conference table. Dialing and answering calls is easy and intuitive using the large HD color touch screen. Corporate directory access (LDAP) enables one-touch dialing from the customer’s centrally managed directory.
  • Pair Mercury with any mobile phone using Bluetooth® to make calls or join a call in progress. Mercury instantly transforms a personal phone call into a whole-room audio conference with clear, echo-free audio and the ability to start and stop a call, adjust volume, mute, and display caller ID on Mercury’s touch screen. Bluetooth-enabled phones appear automatically on the touch screen, enabling instant connectivity with the press of a button.
  • Connect a laptop computer via USB to enable enhanced audio performance for any softphone application running on the laptop.
  • Mute the microphone by simply tapping the mute bar on top of the Mercury device. Its extra-bright, bi-color indicator bar ensures that the mic and mute status are clearly visible to the whole room.

  • Connecting an HD display device to Mercury’s HDMI® output enables the presentation of all types of multimedia from BYOD sources with ease.
  • Its built-in AirMedia® gateway allows the wireless presentation of content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device via the room’s Wi-Fi® wireless network. Wired LAN connections are also supported.
  • Any AV source can be plugged in via HDMI to present full-motion HD 1080p60 video on the room display, with high-fidelity audio playing through Mercury’s high-powered speaker.
  • Mercury behaves like any USB Audio device, enabling use as a speaker and/or microphone for all types of multimedia applications running on a laptop computer.

  • Mercury can turn any space into a videoconference room by simply connecting a laptop running Skype® for Business, Cisco WebEx®, GotoMeeting®, Slack®, or another web conferencing or UC application.
  • Connect the laptop via USB and Mercury provides enhanced audio along with a high-definition view of the whole room through the included USB camera.
  • No more huddling around a laptop to interact and share content with remote participants. Connect the laptop’s HDMI output to allow the whole room to view content and camera images on the main display.

Now Introducing Alexa


Settling Debates: Some disagreements need to be tabled for the sake of meeting momentum. Others are easily answerable, and who better to provide a quick answer than the dictionary- and Wiki-connected Alexa?

Confirming Estimations: Unsure estimations like the local time at a partner’s headquarters or the distance to a prospect’s office can be confirmed in an instant thanks to Echo, along with quick math.

Determining Room Availability: With the ability to link to your conference room’s calendar, room availability for the rest of the day can be read off then and there, for immediate scheduling of your next meeting.

Setting Timers: For the aggressive agenda, setting timers can be a helpful way to keep one topic from taking over a meeting that was supposed to cover three. (warning: setting timers on verbose co-workers could be hazardous to your dynamic.)

“Alexa, please turn on conference room.”
“Alexa, please block my schedule from 12:00-1:00pm for lunch.”
“Alexa, what time is it in New York right now?”
“Alexa, what is the weather prediction for tomorrow?”
“Alexa, our meeting has concluded, please turn off conference room.”


Ordering Supplies: Event planning meetings are full of “Oh, we’ll need one of those, too!” moments. Rather than jot it down to order later, skip a step by adding it to your shopping list then and there.

Filling Time: That thumb-twiddling period when someone will be there any minute is the perfect time to have Alexa read you headline news for the day, or entertain you with its (admittedly terrible) jokes.

Listening to Music: We wouldn’t recommend playing any music through Echo; its built-in speakers just aren’t high quality enough. Tie it into your Control4 system, however, and you can easily throw on Pandora, Napster, or other streaming services through high-quality, overhead speakers.

What Our Client’s Say

King Systems completely out did themselves with our conference room. When people come in to present I have their bosses calling me to find out what we have and who did it. This system is a must for commercial businesses!
Kevin Howle
The folks we worked with at King Systems went above and beyond with our project. We have had nothing but excellent feedback from our company and our meeting room is used much more now.
Mike Gallagher

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