Going Green? Let Us Help You!

Times are changing.  Companies are increasingly becoming proactive with being more “green.” It WILL lead to cost savings. Accountants and CFOs are taking notice. Let us help keep your business at the forefront of energy management and reduce your energy consumption costs in the process.

light bulb with nature image insideKing Systems offers full Green Audio/Video system design. Our team has partnered with Crestron Electronics to provide complete home management for maximum energy and operational efficiency. Only Crestron products can monitor, manage, and control all technology through the entire business, both inside and out. View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in every room graphically and quantitatively from any touch panel or PC. monitor and track current and historical energy consumption, and intelligently manage resources. Significant electrical energy waste results from audio/video equipment left on when not in use. Integrated with a King Systems Green Design and the Crestron Electronics control environment, all of your equipment can be programmed to automatically shut-down when not in use. Let us show you the way to be Green!